Meditation music from Iceland


Music is a big part of our meditation nights in the Reykjavik Sri Chinmoy meditation centre, and also in the free introductory classes that we offer every month or so. As part of our classes, we often have some simple mantric songs for people to sing. Often beginners experience more immediate results from these singing exercises than they do from silent meditation, because they don’t have to completely quiet their mind on order to feel something.

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Here is a sample of some of the music from our Centre:

Reykjavik Centre music group

We also love giving concerts of meditative music for the public – we have our own music group here in the Reykjavik Centre that gives concerts and releases the occasional album.

The arrangements are taken from over 23,000 songs composed by our meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy. Many of them are short mantric songs that can be repeated over and over again to go deeper and deeper inside the spiritual heart.


Our long-time Centre leader, Snatak Matthiasson, passed away in August 2019 after a long illness. In 2011, he founded an international choral group called Oneness-Dream that still continues to sing in spiritual places all over the world. The name ‘Oneness-Dream’ reflects the singers’ aspiration to highlight the oneness behind all world religions – the actual singing itself is heavenly, and a little reminiscent of Gregorian chanting. So far they have toured in places as varied as California, Myanmar – and of course Iceland!

This track comes from Oneness-Dream’s very first tour in 2011 in Iceland