Books on meditation and spirituality


Reading is an invaluable tool on your spiritual journey. It keeps you inspired, but also reading the writings of someone who has attained a very high level of meditation can be a profound experience in itself; sometimes you stop reading with the feeling that you have just had a very deep meditation.

This is a current list of the books we have to offer in our Centre.

How to buy books

List of books in English

Books translated into Icelandic

We have 3 translated books available for sale:

Music, incense, cards….

How to purchase

They are available to purchase at:

  • Garðurinn cafe on Klapparstigur 27
  • at the meditation classes and other events we hold in our meditation centre in Ármuli 22.
  • Or you can fill out our contact form below, and we can be in touch to arrange payment and delivery.
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