Kundalini and the chakras: the definitive book


Over the years, we have had thousands of people coming to our meditation classes. Many are absolute beginners, but some have had all manner of experiences trying out different techniques and ways of meditation. In particular, many people seem to be interested in exploring chakras and raising kundalini, which can be quite dangerous if you are just trying it by yourself without proper guidance.

Fortunately, Sri Chinmoy’s book Kundalini: The Mother-Power is a factual and authoritative guide to that world. Sri Chinmoy’s path is not the path of kundalini yoga; however when spiritual Masters achieve enlightenment, then mastery over the Kundalini and occult powers comes naturally. In a no-nonsense manner, the book describes the ways of awakening the Kundalini and the chakras, and discusses some of the occult powers that come with the opening of the chakras. Sri Chinmoy also warns of the dangers and pitfalls to be avoided, and describes the safe way that a seeker can start their journey to spiritual fulfilment.

The book comes in two parts: the first part comes from a series of lectures that Sri Chinmoy gave Kundalini Yoga at New York University in 1973. The second part is taken from the hundreds of questions about Kundalini Yoga that Sri Chinmoy was asked during his numerous public meditations and university lectures.

How can I get it?

  • Icelandic translation, available for 1500 kr. Can be purchased from Ecstasy’s Heart-Garden (Garðurinn) café (Klapparstíg 17), Joylato (Njálsgata 1) or Sangitamiya (Grettisgata 7). Alternatively contact us using the form below – we can arrange payment via bank transfer and post it to you.
  • English ebook version available from Amazon
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