Our classes

If you are interested in attending, please contact 697 3974 (or 551 8080 during working hours) or use the contact form.

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Our teacher, Sri Chinmoy, asked us to give these classes free of charge, to honour the ancient Indian feeling that inner peace is the birthright of every person, and something that should not be for sale.

Other events…

  • We aim to offer free meditation classes every one or two months – so if you miss this one, please get in touch and we’ll tell you when the next one is scheduled!
  • We also regularly organise concerts of meditation/mantric music and other cultural events throughout the year. If you’d like to stay informed, let us know via the contact form…
  • We are also very enthusiastic about practising sports and fitness as part of a balanced life; to that end, we organise an annual 5k race for the public in August.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a state of being where you go beyond the constant chatter of the mind, allowing you to naturally experience a spontaneous sense of peace, purpose and satisfaction.

Meditation is not an escape from the world – quite the opposite. Meditation allows us to face the daily ups and downs of life without letting them affect us. In other words, a daily practice of meditation leads one to develop real inner strength.


Who are we?

 Our free meditation classes have introduced the basics of meditation to thousands of Icelanders since the Icelandic Sri Chinmoy Centre was founded in 1974.

Currently, the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Iceland is located at Ármúli 22, 2nd floor, approximately 15 minutes walking distance from Laugardalslaug swimming pool.

If you happen to be in the city centre, one good way to get a ‘feeling’ for our Centre and the type of meditation we offer is to visit one of the enterprises owned by members of our Centre – Garðurinn (Ecstasy’s Heart-Garden) café or the Sangitamiya music store, both located on Klapparstígur. The staff also are members of our Centre and are always very happy to talk about meditation and answer any questions you might have.

No price is too great to pay for inner peace. Peace is the harmonious control of life. It is vibrant with life-energy. It is a power that easily transcends all our worldly knowledge. Yet it is not separate from our earthly existence. If we open the right avenues within, this peace can be felt here and now.

Sri Chinmoy