Our little café enters the Hall of Fame…


Ecstasy’s Heart-Garden (Garðurinn in Icelandic) is a little café owned and managed by Sri Chinmoy’s students. Recently we were given a ‘Hall of Fame’ distinction by TripAdvisor, having earned excellent ratings five years in a row.

As well as a sumptuous selection of cakes and treats (including, in the estimation of many, the best carrot cake in Reykjavik), the cafe also offers a dish and soup of the day which you can check out on their website. All of the staff who work there have been studying meditation with Sri Chinmoy for many years and try and keep that meditative atmosphere in the café, so it is also a nice place to just come and soak up the vibes. (Also, they could certainly answer any questions about meditation, especially outside the busy hours of 12 to 2)