I want to go deeper into meditation. Where do I begin?


Free classes and workshops with Pradhan Balter, author and speaker from Chicago.

Maybe you know nothing about meditation or spirituality. Or maybe you already have a meditation practice, and are looking for the next ‘step’ – whatever that is! Or maybe your spiritual practice is ‘stuck’ and you want to find something to move it forward. Either way, the question becomes: where do I start?

We are really happy that we can finally invite Pradhan to give this course. He has been meditating as a student of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy since 1973 – that’s 48 years ago! He has a natural gift for explaining meditation and spiritual living, and also for storytelling, which is good because he has a lot of stories to tell. He has given talks in over 30 countries, and has published two books about the spiritual life (more about that below….)

All courses will be held at the Sri Chinmoy Centre, Ármúli 22

  • 3-day weekday course Mon 1, Tue 2 & Thurs 4 Nov 7.30-9pm
  • weekend workshop Sat 6 & Sun 7 Nov 1-5pm

You can register by calling 551-8080 (work hours) or 697-3974 (evenings) – alternatively you can get in touch on our form, and we’ll get back to you to confirm your reservation!

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If people come to the course and want to dive even deeper into the whole subject: Pradhan is also offering an advanced course the following week titled Beyond Within: Seeking on a deeper level. This course, as with all our meditation offerings, is also completely free of charge.

Did we mention Pradhan´s books?

Pradhan has published two books about the spiritual life. One book we particularly recommend is called A Twenty-First Century Seeker. It was actually transcribed from some of his talks over the years so it has a very warm, conversational feeling, but at the same time it is a very practical guide to establishing a deep and fulfilling ‘inner’ life in the twenty-first century.

The book is available for 2100kr – it is available for purchase at Garðurinn café on Klapparstígur, or you get in touch via the form, and we can arrange money transfer and delivery.