Our Friday meditation mornings


An immersive structured 45-minute meditation programme, on Friday mornings in our beautiful meditation Centre.

In the 45 minutes, we will do quite a few different meditation and spiritual exercises, so you will definitely find something that appeals to you.

  • Times: Fridays 8-8.45am or 9-9.45am
  • Venue: Sri Chinmoy Centre, Ármúli 22

No previous experience of meditation is necessary; we’ll provide some basic instruction at the start of each exercise.

We will have two timeslots on Friday mornings 8-8.45am or 9-9.45am – you can choose either one! We’ll keep the meditation programme to a strict 45-minute time-limit in case you have to run off to work afterwards. However, there will be certainly be the opportunity for tea, biscuits and nice conversation if you do have some time afterwards!

Of course we need everyone to be a distance apart, so we only have a limited amount of places in the room. So if you plan to come, you let us know by calling 7669784 or by using the below form:

    Við getum sent þér skilaboð ef eitthvað er á döfinni næsta árið (í mesta lagi 6-7 skilaboð) • We can send you a text anytime something comes up in the next year (max 6-7 events)
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About the course facilitator

Vasuprada is originally from Munich, Germany, and has been living and working in Iceland for the past three years. She first began this practice of heart-centred meditation in 2009 under the guidance of meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy.

She brings this heart-centred focus into all of her activities, especially running – she is a prolific ultra-distance runner, and has completed seven ten-day ultradistance races (be sure to ask her about those!)