BipinFest 2019!


We recently played host to our good friend Bipin from NY. As well as meditating for almost 40 years, Bipin holds quite a number of Guinness World records in conjunction with his record-breaking partner, Ashrita Furman. Ashrita holds the distinction of holding the most Guinness records of anyone on earth, and Bipin is usually the one to help him when a two-man record-breaking attempt is called for. Over the years, the two have set records such as the most grapes caught in ones’ mouth in a minute, and the fastest mile while carrying someone over your shoulder.

But the main reason why Bipin was here – surfing! He is also an avid surfer, and in 2011 was featured in the documentary Ocean Monk, which followed six of Sri Chinmoy’s meditation students as they combined their surfing and meditation lives.

So we had a nice weekend of surfing, dining and catching up with old friends – we were having so much fun we started calling the weekend BipinFest – it is a pity we only thought of the name about 10 minutes before Bipin was about to leave Iceland, otherwise we could have maybe advertised it more widely 🙂