45 years on the meditation journey


We had a very nice September event, with spiritual stories from Aruna and Projjwal from Germany. Aruna and Projjwal have been students of meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy for over 45 years – in Aruna’s case, since she was just a few months old!

Projjwal (left) and Aruna (right) with Sri Chinmoy. In this photograph, Sri Chinmoy is celebrating both their birthdays.

Video: Aruna shares her experiences regarding a very common question: How do you know when you’ve had a good meditation?


Projjwal and Aruna have both recently written books about their spiritual journey; here they both talk about how they started on the spiritual path….

Aruna: Very often spiritual seekers have a very long journey to cover before they find their Guru. From the time they are first interested in the inner life, to trying different paths, going through various experiences until finally finding the right Master.

Projjwal and a very young Aruna….

I am so grateful when I think of how fortunate I am, because for me this was very easy. In March 1976, the month I saw the light of day, my father, Projjwal (19 years of age) was accepted by our Guru, Sri Chinmoy, as his disciple.

Sri Chinmoy with Aruna

Three months later in June he, accompanied by my mother, Karali (age 20) saw Guru for the very first time in Zurich, Switzerland, when she also became Guru’s disciple. In later years whenever Guru would ask me how old I was when I became his disciple, I would answer “three months old”, which always gave him great joy.

Projjwal: When Karali and I arrived in Zurich we went to the Sri Chinmoy Centre where about 30 disciples from all over Europe had gathered. It was 11 June 1976. We did not know anybody, but were warmly welcomed by everyone.

Since it was still early, Karali and I went to the centre of the city to hand out leaflets for Guru’s lecture at the University that evening. At the Bellevue – the main plaza in Zurich – we met some disciples who were actually waiting for Guru! My heart started going wild; Guru would come here any moment…

Sri Chinmoy that evening in Zurich

We saw a silver car in the traffic approaching the sidewalk. The car stopped, the window went down and Guru’s face became visible. He looked straight into my eyes and smiled at me. At that moment, his smile, his light and his love entered into my heart and filled my entire being. My soul remembered and at that moment it was just my Guru and me – the drop had found the ocean – I realised, I finally had found my Master.